Choose how you want to connect
your jacket and get started.

Using NFC

Check your phone settings to make sure that NFC is turned on.

Tap the back of your NFC-enabled phone against the R. logo on the left sleeve of the jacket.

Not sure if you have an NFC phone?

Using A QR Scanner

Use our web scanner to scan the QR code on the label in the pocket of your jacket sleeve.

Scan Jacket

Download a QR Scanner

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Welcome to your limited edition Rochambeau BRIGHT BMBR, which comes with one-of-a-kind digital experiences stitched into the fabric of the jacket.

Use your smartphone to connect with smart tags hidden in your jacket sleeve, giving you exclusive access to all of the experiences and gifts that come with your Rochambeau BRIGHT BMBR.


Check your phone settings to make sure that NFC is turned on. Tap the back of your NFC-enabled phone against the R. embellishment ‘bull’s-eye’ mark on the left sleeve of the jacket, (it’s like using a phone to make a contact-less payment in stores).


Tap back of NFC phone on the R.

Depending on where the tag reader is on the back of your handset, you may have to move it around to make the connection.

Once in position, the reader will automatically trigger allowing you to access your personal digital experience.


For iphones and mobiles that won’t work with the NFC tag, unzip the hidden pocket on the left sleeve of your jacket and pull out the label containing your personalized QR-code.


Pull out label and scan QR code.

Scan the code using a QR scanner you’ve downloaded from an app store, or type into the browser on your phone and scan straight from the web page.


You need to make sure Location Services are enabled on your phone, and also be sure to accept the request to share your location with the app. This is so we can deliver your Gifts based on the location of your BIGHT BMBR jacket.

To turn on Location Services on an iPhone or iPad
Tap the Settings application
Tap Privacy
Tap Location Services
Toggle the switch to On

To turn on Location Services on an Android device
Tap the Settings application
Under ‘Personal’, tap Location
At the top toggle the switch to On


You connect to your BRIGHT BMBR by logging in with your Facebook ID. If you don’t have a Facebook account you’ll create one on Facebook.

You must use the same Facebook login each time you connect with your BRIGHT BMBR so the jacket knows it’s you. If you or anyone else tries to use another Facebook ID, it won’t let you connect, because it is already ‘digitally owned’ by another Facebook user account.

If you are experiencing problems logging in with the right account, please go to your Facebook settings and check that the Rochambeau App is allowed.


The QR-code on the label inside the sleeve pocket is washable, but the NFC tag is not. Please remove this label from the sleeve pocket before you wash or dry-clean your jacket.


If you need more help with your smart jacket, email:

Experiences and gifts expire at the end of the Fall/Winter season at the end of January, after which time content will be available as a digital archive.